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Originally posted by d_d_dallas
I know in this case (cormarket st) that the intial design for the hotel on site was a disaster so intervention is probably for the best here.

The current design for the Rockfell Investments project on Cornmarket Street is light-years from the original hotel design – and trust me, a little intervention was needed at the very least. Though the re-submission entails little facade alteration, it is alternations which are needed. However the Guy & Co building, red-brick facade is being retained, refurbished and incorporated as the department store entrance.

With relation to tenants of the new department store, one of the anchors at Dundrum Town Centre (which is their 1st Irish store), I am told, have expressed an interest in at least one large, anchor unit within the department store – if not, all units with concession options. However no confirmation of this ‘rumour’ will be made until planning is granted and construction initiated. Furthermore, a major Swedish fashion retailler with ambitious Irish expansion plans (and whom is also opening a store at Dundrum) has indicated that either Cornmarket Street or Grand Parade would make desirable retail locations failing the ability to secure a sufficient premises on Patrick’s Street in Cork. By pure deduction, I am only assuming that Rockfell’s department store on Cornmarket Street or Frinailla’s Grand Parade Plaza would make suitable locations considering the large open-plan nature of their retail elements. However, as ATIS Harrington Bannon have indicated almost all units at the Grand Parade Plaza are Sale/Let/Terms Agreed, Rockfell’s Department Store would seem the more likely. However, this information is only an assumption made, based on received information.

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