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The value of the Cork Main Drainage Scheme is actually in excess of 100m euro. The stench eminated from raw waste being dumped into the Lee, this, as of from the end of this month will now all be treated by the 20m euro Sewerage Treatment Plant on Little Island – as well as certain explusions from harbour region industrial plants. This will bring the Lee to EU bathing standards. Any remaining dirt in the Lee is now ‘simply’ related to inconsiderate and careless individuals, river bed movement, upper stream contamination (which will now be service by a new treatment facility near the Shornaugh River mouth before it enters the city) and shopping trolleys it would seem.

UCC have applied for a 5579m sq Boole Library extension to the southern elevation. The 5-storey extension will utilise the old quarry site at this elevation (currently a student recreation point and theatre entrance). The library will in the majority be designated for Postgraduate use. The main library will undergo an extensive refurbishment and modernisation in-line with the new building. The project, currently in planning, will cost an estimate 33.5m euros. The architects behind the development are Wilson Architecture of Cook Street, Cork.

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