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I was unaware that the overall scale of the retail aspect was to have been the same in the previous proposal. Then I would have to agree with you that it would have been beneficial to the street. I just got the wrong impression from the original proposal that the retail aspect would give us something similar to the savoy centre, with small retail units. That was why I was happier to hear of the overall scale of the retail aspect. 120,000 sq ft I’m trying to picture this size and I think thats double the size of the new tesco store in Wilton. These larger floor plates are exactly what we need in Cork and the rest of the Irish cities to attract the big name retailers.
H+M are opening a store in Dundrum town centre. So at least they are making their first inroads into the Irish market.

On another note, work on Oliver Plunket street is progressing well. Passing through today I could already get a feel for what the street will be like when finished. In the design there was another interesting design for the street lighting. No progress has been made on this front but I am looking forward to seeing them. I just remember talk about them as being able to change colour and being vandle proof. I wonder will they cause as much controversy as the ones on patrick st. Prob not!

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