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Originally posted by satanta99
ah can’t you give us just a hint of the names that you have heard that are looking at cornmarket st. A really subltle one that those “nice but dim” people in the local press won’t get and can’t write as their own.

Sorry, but I can’t make the same mistakes twice. Rockfell’s development (though I wish it was their previous application on the Guy & Co site) is among the projects I rate most important to Cork’s development. It’s success will determine the tactical and strategic future of Cornmarket Street in a big way – almost more than any CCC investment in the area. Rockfell and CCC have been in long-term discussions with each other on the site, and it is suggested that CCC (especially Joe Gavin and Ronnie McDowell) seriously pursued the retail element of the project, a move a strongly support. Though the retail element is approx. 120,000 sq ft, I still believe it could have been more diverse. A major department store is the way to go on this one.

The projects most important projects at planning stages now in Cork are undoubtedly as follows:

1. Water Street
2. Rockfell’s project on Cornmarket Street
3. John Mannix’s Washington Street project
4. O’Flynn Construction’s Eglinton Street Project
5. Howard Holding’s Albert Quay development
6. Corbett Bros. Parnell Place development
7. and pretty much any Cornmarket Street, Lavitts Quay, Docklands development in the process at the moment.

These projects, in no particular order, are vital and I sincerely hope they succeed. However, there are many more, just as important projects in the works, and I will inform you of them when I am allowed to.


S. Meehan has just applied for a development of a 3 level multi-storey car park and additional commercial units at Grenville Place (end of Bachelor’s Quay – as par my previous post if anyone remembers).

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