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Its being a newsworthy day in the Cork development arena:


– Pierse Construction are to begin construction on the 20m-euro UCC School of Pharmacy, on College Road this August. (I will post a picture of the development on this post later on when I edit it).

– Merchants Quay SC is scheduled to undergo a 7m euro facelift – in order to make the centre a more attractive place to shop running up to Cork 2005 and its 15-year anniversary. (Will post pic here later also). The design is subtle but exciting nonetheless.

– Frinailla have gone to appeal on its project for 221 homes, 74 apartments, creche and after school-minding centre on a 21-acre site between Ballincollig and the city (east-side). The project was scheduled to commence this August.
-> Frinailla seem to be getting a real tough time in the recent projects; their 70m high-rise residential project in Blackpool was refused by CCC, has since gone to ABP on appeal and waits decision – but the prospects are dim.; their 30m An Caislean project suffered as the building contractors assigned to the development went into liquidation half-way through the project (a lone tower crane still remains on a vacant site); their Grand Parade Plaza project has been held up due to archelogical excavations – which seem to never end; and now this project in Ballincollig’s east-side. Just hope their fortunes pick up. Roll on the Grand Parade Plaza!

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