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Well – in-line with my earlier reports, the Mercy University Hospital in Cork together with UCC have purchased the Irish Distillers site on the North Mall for 20m euro. The lands are to be split evenly between the 2 organisations.

Now that the bidding is closed, I can tell you that a joint venture of bidders, one reportedly Hanranka Ltd. has bid also for the site, but withdrew due to undisclosed reasons. The private venture would have included a new urban quarter for Cork with offices, shopping boulevards, cafes, restaurants, residential units, boardwalks, nightclubs, bars, public amenity park, university buildings and a site that would have been offered to the Mercy Hospital anyway. It’s a shame this didn’t get through.

The Mercy claim to have trouble financing their new A&E but have been able to splash out on this acquisition. UCC, also claiming financial restrictions, are completing their new 50m Medical Facility at Brookfield, have just received planning for a new 25m euro Pharmacy School on College Road, applied for planning for a new 35m euro Boole Library extension and are applying for a new 62m-euro IT centre on the former Greyhound Track along the Western Road. Hmmmm. Well I suppose congratulations are in order – I just hope they use the lands wisely.

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