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Those Cork Airport pictures I promised -> it’s pretty impressive. Designed by HOK in conjunction with JACOBS.

26,500 sq m, 4 air-bridges, 5 luggage belts, 32-check-in desks, shops, restaurants, private lounges, amenity areas, 1200 space multi-storey car-park with a further 600 spaces on the ground, two dual-carriageways, new cargo-bay (x2 larger than current cargo area), new taxiways – the works. Capable of catering 3-million a year comfortably – with provision for 5-million p.a. (which is probably going to be need a lot sooner than first thought).


Originally posted by mickeydocs
Did Frinilla get planning permission for their proposed development for Watercourse Road?

Have Howard Holdings released any info of their proposed Albert Quay development?

No, Frinailla are still in appeal with ABP. I too have a feeling that their plans for the Watercourse Road – a 70-million euro, 7 -> 9 storey residential, educational, medical and commerical development spanning almost half the length of the road – will face it tough on ABP’s decision. Although you never know with ABP sometimes. It would be good for this area of Blackpool undoubtedly, even residents have agreed with this, I think the reason for the refusal by CCC was the height of the development. I also feel there have been more inspired designs. Sometime like the other Frinailla project, the Grand Parade Plaza would have been welcomed easier I think.

Also, Howard Holdings are preparing an application for permission with CCC under an undisclosed wholly-owned company name to develop a 5-storey over basement office building, incorporating Albert House (the current CCC Parking Fines Centre – shudder!!!) on Albert Quay. The site, facing out onto the quay, has been donated by CCC and was formally used as a rail-cargo storage facility, and more recently car-repair facilities and the like. The building is specifically designed to nurture upstart businesses and/or cater for new IT agencies and so on. Already, a vast quantity of foreign interest has been displayed for such a facility in Cork.

O’Flynn Construction plan a major development to the rear of the Howard Holdings project on the former An Post Sorting Office – purchased for 10m euro in Feb.

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