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Originally posted by Torquemada
Hey All,has anyone got any photos or updated info on how the new terminal and associated works are going at Cork Airport?

They are just about to put the third layer of gold leaf onto it I believe.

When completed it will be Irelands first decent terminal building since the original Collinstown Terminal, not that one can compare the needs of those days and these.

Talking about all this transport just got this from

“Cork Rail Plan Gets the Go-Ahead.
Proper Strategic Planning Wins the Day

“I can assure you today that the decades of closures and the downgrading of lines and services can now be consigned to the past. The future of the railway is all about growth in customers and expansion of services.”
Minister for Transport, Seamus Brennan
– May, 2004

“Among the domino effects of the Celtic Tiger, an explosion in car ownership has resulted in major traffic problems being tackled by a multi-billion euro network of ring roads, links, bypasses, flyovers and motorways. Besides bringing home the folly of shutting local railway lines, it also underlines the urgency of re-opening them.”

In what is perhaps the most significant and positive development for Irish rail transport since the construction of the DART in the early 1980’s, the Government has approved the funding of Iarnród Eireann’s Cork Rail Plan, including the reopening of the Midleton branch, which Platform11 wholeheartedly supported since our inception.

The Cork Rail Plan fits all the criteria for the successful cohesion between strategic land usage and reopening of closed rail lines. Platform11 hopes that other local authorities around the country will now follow Cork City and Council’s enlighten approach, and rezone land for development along existing and closed rail corridors. Congrats to all parties involved for this historic development.”

A good decision thinks Diaspora, definitely to be welcomed

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