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Well bins aside – the street looks incalcuably better. I actually feel proud strolling down the street in comparison to a few years ago. Grand Parade and Oliver Plunkett Street should follow suit.


-> The redevelopment of the notorious Blackpool flats by Murnane & O’Shea is taking on a remarkable shape alongside the Blackpool By-Pass, the development is striking in its scale (with 2 cranes [1 tower] on-site) and style. Across the road, construction of the new Glen Hall Luxury Apt Complex by John Paul Construction is at an advanced stage and already looks of a very high standard.

-> Coleman Bros. Developments have erected crane over their new duplex development on the Commons Road – the project has taken a chunk out of the hillside and the development is flying up fast.

-> Frank Sheehan’s office building between the Blackpool By-Pass and Assumption Road, designed by Jack Coughlan and Assoc. is taking up shape in an eye-catching form. 2 PJ Hegarty tower cranes gape over the circular shaped, red-brick office development.

-> Also, PJ Hegarty Construction have erected another crane over the new 100m-euro Blackpool Retail Park and Multiplex development adjacent to the Blackpool SC (both developed by Blackpool Developments Ltd [Shipton Group owned by Clayton Love]) The developers were just this week granted permission to add an additional level to the multi-storey car-park to the rear of the main Retail Park building – but refused 2 amendments to warehousing units A and B.

-> Still on the PJ Hegarty line – they are the main contractors behind the redevelopment of the AIB at 11 Patrick Street. I was surprised today when I saw the extent of the redevlopment – I had been unaware at how large scale it is. The entire AIB building except the facade has been demolished, along with adjoining buildings and properties bought up by AIB as part of the redevelopment. The branch is one of the banking groups most profitable and is in line to have the entire premises on Patrick Street the whole back to the new Penneys extension and across to Wintrhop Street redeveloped in a project estimated at 7m euros.

-> Frinailla Developments have erected a huge banner across the facade of the old Grand Parade Hotel announcing the real estate launch of the new Grand Parade Plaza apartment and retail centre. The rear grounds of the hotel and former nightclub have been completely demolished – Rainey Architects of Kinsale are responsible for design of the 30m euro, 7-storey project to include 50 apartments and a higher-order retail centre. John Paul Construction are the main contractors.

-> Corbett Bros. Developments have been GRANTED permission for their office/residential/commercial development at Parnell Place. Originally a 5-storey over basement car-park development – a CCC condition for planning requires a reduction in one floor of apartments, reducing the original # of 18 to 15. The original facades on Parnell Place are to be refurbished and incorporated into the new development.

-> Also, Corbett Bros. project at Copley Street is making rapid headway. Their new office/apartment and leisure building, 2 linked 5-storey blocks, is being constructed by Coffey Construction. Major drilling and excavation has commenced to cater for the 90-car space underground parking facility with lightning speed.

-> Cumnor Construction’s 7-storey apt. building was due to be decided upon yesterday, but CCC has requested Further Info. Personally, I think Cumnor has made rapid growth of late – from small residential projects, the Blarney based company is now taking on huge developments such as that at Knapps Sq. for Hanranka Ltd. – but I think their energies would be better focused in a location more within the city centre than in Sundays Well. A 7-storey apt building there just doesn’t seem right. And I love large scale development – but even my developers conscience (and we do actually have them) is all Jimny Crickett on this one.

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