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Well Ward Anderson only have one city centre premises that could cater for 30,000 sq ft – and since you’ve mentioned it, I don’t have to tell you.

When Mahon Point SC opens next Feburary, Ward Anderson intend to transfer their operations from the Capitol to a new 11-screen multiplex at the SC, freeing up the Capitol on Grand Parade for retail space. (see City Manager Joe Gavin’s city report Nov 2003) And since I’ve already opened my yak, I may as well tell you the plan by the private investment firm will include a 6-storey over dual basement retail and leisure development w/ food-court, 20 – retail outlets, 3 late-bars and apparently 2 night-clubs – and depending on insurance, Cork’s 1st permanent ice-rink (OH YEAH!) at the upper basement level.

Complimentary plans by the same firm incl. the pedestrianisation of Grand Parade/Washington Street junction (to facilitate increased pedestrian activity/passing volume – as experienced by Patrick Street renewal – and to fall in-line with current CCC development designed by Beth Gali, promoting a saving in public expenditure) and a short 4-lane underground tunnel for traffic off Washington Street to Grand Parade South and vice-versa – thus allowing for an extension of the Western Elevation of the development and facilitation of a 194-space underground car-park and delivery bay at the lower basement level.

The estimated cost = 30-million euro. The design draws influence from that of a classic French Chateau – complimenting the nearby Heugenot Quarter, with a curved, sloping Mansard-style black-slate roof, two large stone colums extending 5-storeys to the ornate entrance facade (which makes reference the facade present on nearby Cornmarket Street for the Coal Quay Bar and Loft Carpet Store). A modern element is accomodated between the two front columns in the form of a curved, glass bay window extending 5-storeys also between the facade and roof.

But I stress, these plans (as with the plans for Irish Distillers) are ONLY at a pre-planning/feasibility study stage – meaning they could either be just ideas, or could be seriously altered, abandoned, or never even get through planning process – but fingers crossed.

On a more active note, I took a trip out to Ballincollig Town Centre there yesterday and its really encouraging to see the pace of development there. Already a large number of houses are up, a brand-spanking new tower crane has been erected for the office element (as far as I know, this is O’Flynn Construction’s first such crane with 2 more planned, one for Eglinton Street and another for Lapps Quay No.6 I assume), and the Shopping Centre steel frame almost complete. The SC at BTC isn’t on the same scale as Mahon Point but will still be amongst Cork’s largest.

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