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Originally posted by mickeydocs
thanks for all the info lexington.

which proposal do you find the most exciting in terms of putting Cork on the map?

Hey mickey! I think there are a lot of exciting projects in Cork city at the moment – many of which rival and even surpass that of anything in Dublin, or Europe for that matter – it’s a nice change. But I do think, and I will stress this relentlessly, the project for Water Street represents probably the single most important proposal for Cork in many many years.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I don’t have a great affliction for apartment developments, but Water Street is far more significant than just another apartment development – it not only represents a landmark project (the tallest building in Ireland – a title Cork has always held), not only does it represent the confidence investors have placed in the Cork city market, not only does it represent whether or not the city planners have the foresight they seem to have traditionally lack til that of recent years, but it represents the future for Cork city and the Cork Docklands. A refusal of permission will throw future investment (in the Cork Docklands), market confidence and further Docklands proposals into turmoil – this will offset the willigness of further projects, no indefinitely, but certain for a period of time. That’s not an exaggeration, trust me, I know – its a belief widely held throughout the Cork Business Community.

Sean Kearns, architect with MOLA for Water Street, has informed me that he is almost certain now that CCC will request further info. He says they are prepared for that and also says that he understands and accepts concerns expressed by Lower Glanmore Road residents will relation to the project – saying that the project can be adjusted just enough to accomodate them, but says the big fear is that An Taisce will bring the project to ABP on appeal. However, he also says that MOLA are prepared for such an unfair and unwarranted possibility.

-> that aside, some plans for the Docklands (if they go ahead) are very exciting eg. Treasury Holdings National Convention Centre on Horgan’s Quay.

Also exciting -> O’Flynn Construction’s Retail/Residential development on Eglinton Street. O’C Properties Conference Centre at Mahon Point, 21 Lavitts Quay (one of my favourites), City Quarter and Teschem (Howard Holdings) new office building for Albert’s Quay and nreaby IT/Business Centre. Also John Mannix’s development is brilliant for Washington Street.

Plus there are rumours that one of Cork’s major pharma giants w/ a plant at Cork Harbour, is looking into the possibility of constructing it’s European and Middle-Eastern HQ at a brand new, purpose built 90,000 sq ft office building in the Kennedy Quay region. However, I personally view this as unlikely, as most of these pharma companies have invested millions in office facilities at the current plant locations recently as it is, and have most other admin. work performed elsewhere. Nonetheless, it’s a nice idea.

> and while we’re on the topic, the 1 new project that sparks zero excitement with me is the Cork City Hall Extension. The words ‘utterly’ and ‘dire’ spring to mind. Architects = ABK. If An Taisce want to object about something, let it be that, I’ll actually support them on the grounds of ‘defamation of an elegant, historical city building’. Ya know, for a council that has demanded such a high standard of design from new developments in the city, they could have led by example. For 32-million euro, they could get a lot more bang for their buck. If anyone has any pics of the extension, do post them, so everyone else can sigh.

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