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thanks lexington.
any reason as to why cie are dragging their heels?
how soon would you expect an announcement on horgan’s quay to be made.
how close are o’flynns to announcing plans for eglinton street (this is the an post site right?)? The eglinton street site would be perfect for an event centre btw.

Are there any plans to develop river walkways in the city centre?
The Lee is very underutilised (for obvious reasons for now).
After so many years of watching Cork fall behind other Irish cities in terms of redevelopment, I must say I am extremely proud as an exiled Corkonian to see the city explode in this way. An announcement on transatlantic flights and these developments will see Cork emerge as a serious counter-pole to Dublin.

Now let’s hope the planners and developers emerge with a vision of a beautiful city.

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