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Further info on that conference centre, hotel Dockland proposal – the proposal is actually for Horgan’s Quay (adjacent to Water Street) and the developers are Manor Park Homes, CIE and Treasury Holdings.

Negotiations are still on-going but the plan will incl. a 5000-seat convention centre (not a 3,000 seat), towers between 20 to 25 storeys, a new commercial quarter and new homes. (this is quoted in today’s (3rd June 2004) Commercial Property section of the Irish Examiner)

Also, as reported in the Evening Echo today, the southern docks will be home to a new Sports Arena capable of hosting international events (incl. International Rugby matches), with tracks, swimming and other such facilities. This is part of the Cork Development Draft 2004 – 2009 so its nothing concrete at still up in the sky – interesting though.

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