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lexington- thanks for posting those. Do you have details on the two projects?

Yeah – 21 Lavitts Quay was designed by Patrick Cashman and Associates, and will house the new headquarters of O’Callaghan properties on the top floors. The remaining elements of the building include offices on floors 1, 2 and 3, ground floor reception and retail area plus restaurant. In addition there are 44 apartments and private multi-storey car park at the rear (access via Lavitts Quay). It is due for completion by end of the summer/early autumn. Looking at it from the quays, already it looks very impressive. It’s the only O’Callaghan property that I can say has a genuinely attractive and innovative design. More like these O’Callaghan!

No. 5 and No.6 Lapps Quay has been designed by Coughlan de Keyser Architects (Cork) and developed by O’Flynn Construction. No.5 was a renovation of the old (gruesome) Eircom Building. The entire office building has been sold in floors (1 -> 5) already. Construction on the striking second phase, No.6 is due to begin by the end of the summer and will be complete by Autumn 2005. It will make a fine addition to Lapps Quay (already undergoing a huge development in the form of the City Quarter project). No.6 will consist of further offices over 5 floors and sell and approx. 1.6 million euros each.

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