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Just to reply to Dispora,

Office vacancies in Dublin and Nationally are at 15% – the take up rate in Cork since 2002 has bucked this trend, with take-up in developments such as No.5 Lapps Quay, 21 Lavitts Quay and Howard Holdings 100Million Euro City Quarter project selling out within only a few months after their market launch. Generally in the vacancy rate in Cork, according to the Sunday Business Post property section only 4 weeks ago, was below 8% at a citywide level and that demand for new, high-quality open plan offices in the city centre was still in demand. But also the John Mannix project consists of other elements besides offices.

The average building height along Washington Street is 5.23 storeys.

The owners of the collapsed building were brought to court – the full details of which I am unclear of – but I do know new building quality requirements were introduced as a result of the tragedy by the then Cork Corporation.

The design in my opinion of John Mannix’s project aren’t wildly imaginative but befitting to the area.

There is, in the immediate vicinity of the proposed development on Washington Street, is only one new, 6-storey office development (right across the street actually).

The location of the Mannix project is one in much need of development. Anyone familiar with the location will testify to this. Especially at such a prominent site.

And although I agree Liffey Valley is externally rancid, Cork developers have become, at least in their own city, become increasingly aware of the pressure being enforced on them to come up with projects of a far greater architectural standard – advocated strongly by City Manager Joe Gavin, and influential media outlets such as the Evening Echo – 21 Lavitts Quay, John Hornibrook’s Camden Quay project, Frinailla’s Grand Parade Plaza, O’Flynn Construction’s forthcoming No. 6 Lapp’s Quay – and Paul Kenny’s revised South Main Street project – all reflect this.

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