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i disagree that a residential/retail mix is less attractive than a hotel – , the proposal, as far as i know, does not include car parking facilities, which is pretty desirable in this central location. my point was that there are far better central locations than cornmaket street for a large scale hotel development with conference centre etc., in terms of accessibility etc. In addition, i dont think that the planners, in this case, can have regard to whether the apartments are overpriced or not, they will sell for what people are willing to pay for them surely. by the way, i have not seen the proposal so i have no idea about design issues and whether the scheme has progressed from the original, but from what you are saying i am not too optimistic. also, the bodega operates from 12.00 and does significant trading during daytime so i think thay would have had genuine concerns.

in relation to what you have said about the mannix proposal, i completely agree, and in addition, as a prominent corner site, one would think that there is a need for a structure with a bit of height at that location.

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