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thank god that hotel proposal was rejected, it was TERRIBLE. it was something along the lines of a red-brick confusion of mock georgian and other bits thrown in, cheap, poorly designed. i saw the model in city council’s office a few years back and it was really poor and would have been a disrace if it were permitted. also, the site is more suitable for retail and residential, there are far better sites for quality hotels in the city. as far as i knew residents in the ‘old labourers dwellings’ as well as bodega people objected purely on the basis of loss of amenity i.e. light. in general, i think an taisce, and other residents are entitled to object, and by the way, it had significant local support from street traders etc. in the end, i believe cornmarket street has been ‘saved’ in this regard, and hopefully, the current application, due fairly soon, will represent a more attractive and interesting addition to the streetscape.

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