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The Opera House is SO MUCH better now than what it was – and with the introduction of the paving to Emmet Place that whole area has really come on. Johnson and Perrot are moving out to make way for some sort of new dev on that site, I think that whole area will really come up.
As for restoring South Mall to “it’s former glory” well that’s kinda hard when most of the city was razed by de Brits in 1920 – u should be grateful for what’s been preserved/survived!
South Mall is a fine fine street – The BOI building is vile, but Cork is hardly alone in having a monster office building next to more classically designed buildings (look most places in Dublin!). If you want to talk ugly – go look at Connolly Hall.

Check out these images of the “extension” of South Mall – could be alot worse – revitalised boardwalk is a plus.

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