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I think you have a good point about this stage. It strikes me as valid about alot of these ‘stunning additions’ to the city. Smithfield, Meeting House Square, the Capel Street Bridge book market, the Boardwalk cafes, the proposed O’Connell Street kiosks…. they are all great additions and I support them completely. But why do they all seem to flounder?

Are we, as citizens, undereducated in making the most of these resources. Meeting House Sq has a great market on Saturdays but is devoid of life the rest of the week. The stage is only used on summer and then the Irish weather makes that touch and go.

The underwater stage sounds good but will it get used? Are the residents of the Docklands too busy on their way to work to enjoy it? What is the solution to getting better use of all these facilities.

Personally, I think reducing cars in the city and encouraging people into the city as pedestrians would be a good start. Perhaps a free city centre bus to get people around. Its a hard one isn’t it.

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