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Which brings us nicely along to the subject of the Ramp. Whether or not it was necessary to remove the ramp as part of LUAS (the arguement seeming to be that Line C should continue into the docklands and not turn into Connolly at the ramp) I can’t help but be delighted that it is gone. It has completely opened up the Docklands to the rest of the city. It has made a huge visual impact as far as I can see…. well worth the expense in removing it. My only query is what happens to all that stone facing. It looks like granite. Its a bit dark and grimy but it should be used for something other than infilling the George Dock.

Another thing I noticed in this area was the stretch of LUAS line under the Loop Line Bridge on Beresford Place. The tarmac on the road has been removed to reveal cobblesets. The contractors seem to be removing the cobble carefully. I hope they will be reused as well. Maybe even relaid between the line. I am sure Store Street was completely cobbled until a few years ago

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