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Brian Hanson

>All very well and good but those six tracks >run onto the Sligo line and the Dart/Northern >line so you would be just replicating the >(under-utilised) facilities at Connolly anyway.

they also connect with the inter-city network via the Park tunnel. Limerick, Cork Galway you name already feed directly into Spencer Dock.

>A better solution is to make greater use of >the Car Park area next to Connolly if you >want more platforms

What and squeeze even more trains into the bottle neck at Connolly? The Spencer Dock can get all the trains into the that area and in not way impact on Connolly only free it up for more services. the Connolly sheds are needed for storage? What do you plan to do about that? have the trains vanish into thin air while they are not being used?

>So I guess it aint the answer.

Yes it is. It’s the only do-able one and the one that will be chosen eventually. It can be done without causing construction chaos in central Dublin or affecting the existing inter-city service. If that’s not perfect then what is?

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