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Stephen Eccles

:The only Metro that will work in Dublin is the
:version that is constantly being promoted by
:Frank Mac Donald, ie the Circle line, including
:the disused tunnel from Heuston to Connolly,
:then adding on to the Docklands,

The tunnel is not disused at all! Frank McDonald knows little or nothing about the reality of Irish (or any other) railway transport. He is just another one of the guru/pundits, all talk, but when you get down to the technical details he knowns nothing. It’s nothing more tangible that his philosophical mandate and let the taxpayers and the engineers complete his visions. Frank is great on the urban planning stuff, but his knowledge of transport is infantile. “His” project will permanently destroy valuable heavy rail lines in central Dublin/Docklands and not make full use of them. When I need somebody to lecture me on the evil of PVC windows I call Frank McDonald, when I need somebody to explain rail transport I’ll go with Platform11, James Nix from DIT or some of the people at Irish Rail News who actually know what they are talking about when comes to rail transport.

:Clarity, clarity, clarity is needed.
:And vision.

you want vision clarity and more importantly technical backup by people who understand railways as a working technical and operations asset and not some Green Party-esque “wouldn’t it be nice” malarkey then go to it’s all there.

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