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Originally posted by Luke Gardnier:

There are plenty of newer estates conveniently rezoned built upon and then abandoned in the 70s that can be demolished and where the abandoned locals would gladly join in, Jobstown, Fettercairn, Glenshane, Brookfield, Homelawns, Avenbeg, Killinardin, Neilstown, Bawnogue, Darndale…………of zero architectural and social merit and an indictment of Irish “pals planning” at its worst.

speaking as someone who was part of the ‘dumping’ of folks from Ballymun flats to Fettercairn in ’82 I can only agree. Half of Balbutcher Lane Flats ended up in Fettercairn and the community continued for a while but ultimately was so neglected it’s hard not to get angry.

When you see Civic planning like the nice facilities housed around the immediate Square Shopping Centre area. (now including hotels, decent bars, library, theatre etc.) and then look at Fettercairn, just around the corner it is clear that all the effort has been put into small land areas for civic ameniaties and nothing into the housing estates themselves. I mean jesus, they won’t even put down a speed ramp on our road (Kilmartin), despite it being a nightly racetrack for stolen cars.

20 years later, it has just occured to me, it has received no immediate attention whatsoever, apart from the Vigilante activities that cleaned it up about 8 years ago.

What is the point in having all these nice facilities up by The Square when half of the folks living there are too afraid to walk to them. The thought of my mother having to grow old out there by herself absolutely kills me.

the only good thing about living there is that Politicians are too scared to knock on your door canvasing. [ ]

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