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dara h, thanks for your response.
the documents i refer to are the “county developement plans” which we can all view and have the same “UNDEFINED ” word repeated over and over “vernacular”.. what exactly is it in 2002. surely it changes with time.
more importantly i refer to the images displayed on planners office walls, images of the same old modified bungalow bliss stuff with their cross bar windows for measure, which i may add are promoted as being ” designs which have been successful in application “….
you are correct that the housing authorities produce good quality public housing , but the authority is Not the mass population, they are in the minority.
your comment ” easier to keep most people happy in twee style houses” to me sounds defeatest.. its like saying we should continue to issue an architectural sedative , they’ll never know the difference…. wrong , irish people travekl the world , we’re not blind, you know the difference between car models … are houses so different ?……

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