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I live in Dundrum, and so have a tonne of photos of this bridge that haven’t gone online yet. Re the artist’s impression: they pulled the colouring out of their “imaginations”. It’s just concrete, and I’ll be shocked if they decide to paint it “Jesus White”.

The really nice thing is that they’ve really created a new landmark. The structure can be clearly seen from a number of distant points, achieving the same effect as the UCD water tower. And it looks very freaky from the top of three rock.

The popular name for it amongst my local peers is “The Giant A”, and as a resident with a permanent view of the top, I’m very happy with it’s design and construction.

Re tearing down old stonework. They also destroyed three old stone bridges (and a metal footbridge) along the section of line between Dundrum and sandyford. These bridges had been “lost” in between housing for decades, and would really have added and extra sense of history to the line, but not any more. I have full pictures of these too should anyone want them (just mail me).


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