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They have started utility diversion work at the east end, the current plan as far as I know, which has planning permission, is a science building beside the new physics building with a glassed atrium between and connected at more than ground level, a building, to include the elan headquarters by the pearse street westland row corner, an impressive gate, a gym under the railway and a building immeadiately beside luas hall, the luas hall itself is being turned into a chemistry lab and student centre. The big relief is that elan still seem willing to hand over cash. The Goldsmith Hall, an Post site, Pearse Station plan is still being discussed. The IM Pei cylinder isn’t being mentioned so often, I think because it turned out to be too expensive to put absolutely everything underground and elan wanted a building and the DDDA wanted a street line, so it suited everyone to building on the corner and forget the cylinder. They are keeping the brick arches too. Doesn’t the part of Westland Row they have cleaned look good.

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