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I realise people’s kids are involved here so i suppose it’s not a joking matter…

However I really think that people are over reacting here… to think of ‘terrorists’ targeting a school full of children is crazy… ok so people are worried after ‘September 11th’ but we’ve had ‘terrorism’ on this island for hundreds of years and I really don’t see how the US and bin Landen issue has made that threat any greater.

If for some reason ‘terrorists’ do want to target a school then they can park the car outside the school… but to even think of that seems ludicrous to me…

It sounds a little strange to put a car park under an existing building when one considers the construction constraints, but if designed properly the ‘health and safety risks’ to the children should be minimal (think of schools on main roads with large trucks and busses passing by… have lived beside a multi-story car park for a short while and they’re not all that noisy as the cars are driving so slow… main road is much worse…)

Plumber u are obviously close to the situation and are directly affected by this so I don’t want to be disrespectful at all, but to be thinking of car bombs exploding and harming the school kids is a bit much in my opinion… way too much in fact…

If one was to extrapolate such an attitude then we wouldn’t be building very much today… mmmmm stadium would be a perfect high profile target…

Again strange place for a car park but global terrorists targeting a school in Terenure ?!?!?

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