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Now that I’ve seen the new visuals I have to say that it dosent look like a bad building -much more interesting than the previous renderings and models I’d seen. However i still don’t know about having such height so close to the river – the effect of this height of building here paired with Liberty Hall almost directly opposite will be the creation of a “gateway” effect through which the river will flow. Now this could be a good thing, but it could also be overpowering in the context, especially so close to the rightful centrepiece of the area – The Customs House. Granted, it’s already a much abused landmark, surrounded by buildings all seemingly screaming for attention (particularly IFSC house whose sickly green windows are looking incredibly dated), but to further add to the clutter of “Landmarks” in this area would be a shame.
But, I have to say, if building an office block above it is the only means by which we can get a better Tara St Station (which I have to suffer at least twice a day), I guess it’s gotta be done. Just a pity it dosent do more to complement whats around it rather than adopting a pretty funky, but slightly too showy appearance.

As for the views of George’s Quay, I was thinking of further down, closer to the Guinness Brewery, where the stepped pyramids look pretty cool as part of the skyline. Theres also a great view of them from in front of City Hall. I’m still pleasantly surprised by these buildings after the initial horror at seeing the scheme renderings. Maybe it’ll be the same for the new Tara St. Who knows!?

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