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cop on GregF, at least keep it real, we are NOT “extremely filthy…..almost barbarian” -okay so we are more careless than our european counterparts as far as littering is concerned, but the corporation do have a lot to answer for. There does not to be seem any regularity or overall plan to clean our city streets, everything is haphazzard. I lived in 3 American cities for 4 months at a time (okay i know its not europe!), and in all three (San Francisco, Boston, Chicago) all surburban streets were cleaned 3 times a week and city streets were cleaned, sterilised every morning – work men and cleaning machinery everywhere. I went to work at 4am in the morning, and saw the filth that built up on the streets every day before they were cleaned, sure irish people in general have to change, but the authorities need to take a systematic approach to cleaning our streets regularly, both urban and surburban

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