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Rory W

Ah yes comittees.

Delaying tactics more like

I remember going to the concluding report of the Dublin Transportation Initiative in Trinity College in 1991 (I think – could have been even earlier) and it ahd all the strategies layed out – port tunnel, Luas, QBC, reopening of old rail lines (Navan, Harcourt street etc spurs to Tallaght off the Kildare line, Blanchardstown off the Sligo line, the Kildare line to go under the Phoenix park and terminate in Connolly). Absolutely everything.

How much of this has happened – half arsed conversion of the Kildare line, painfully slow progress on both the Luas and the Port Tunnel, and a few QBCs. Twelve years or so later. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day but how did we get to the situation that we are in?

Simple answer – procrastination on the part of the Politicians – if the will was there to do it, then it would have been done years ago. A lá emergency legislation for Larry Goodman etc done in a matter of hours. I see Minister O’Rourke wants the Navan (Broadstone) line reopened – this was suggested in the comprehensive survey by the DTI. Yet the insists we need another committee to decide on this – then probably a public inquiry. Why not JUST DO IT? This will hold things up for at least 3 years. By Which time we will be heading towards another election.

The only solution is to create an infrastructure agency that is independent from the corrupt/inept world of Irish politics.

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