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Joey Soap

Does anyone else here think that the proposed metro is another white elephant? Why can’t the politicians stop bitching over what door Liam Lawlor walked through at Dublin airport and do something about the crap public transport that exists today? If we had an effecient bus service, which wouldn’t be too hard to achieve, there would be no need for this metro. Let me use Barcelona’s public transport service as an example as it’s the one I am most familiar with outside of Dublin.

They have a simple ticketing system, 10 journeys on any mode of transport for 5.60 euro. Once the ticket is validated, you can travel for 1hr 15mins. These tickets can be bought anywhere, there’s no need for some stupid ID and the ticket can be shared. Furthermore, all bus stops have city maps with the bus route you’re on clealy marked out so that the in-frequent traveller knows straight away where the on-coming bus will be going. Finally, could we please get rid of all double-decker buses? They have zero space downstairs and because you can’t see if there is space upstairs, the areas next to the doors are the first to become over-crowded. Just because they use them in Britain do we have to also or are they used somewhere else that I’m unaware of?
I could go on but I’d better get back to work. Here is a link to TMB, Barcelona’s public transport system which you may find interesting.

Whoa, I’d better go get some fresh air and calm down a bit! Anyway, just wanted to say that – can’t wait to meet some politicians canvassing over the next few months.

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