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Rory W

yeah lets give everyone another candle.

Why shouldn’t Dublin get this monument? And the people were welcome to submit a design – as the bitterness of Micheal O’Nullain (non-architect) shows. I for one am sick of the lets give a bit to everyone type mentality, lets spend it on the poor, lets build a new cat and dog home. What the hell is wrong with spending money on improving the atmosphere & environment of O’Connell street.

I am delighted with the amount of people who have been saying how pleasant it is to walk down the boardwalk (the other project for Dublin).

Sick of the Moaning Minnies!!!! I am delighted the Monument of light is going ahead. An I am sure that when it is built the reaction will be very positive. Can somebody tell we why this is a waste of money? Is all art a waste of money.

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