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Hurrah! for the Monument of Light…….but is’nt it dissappoining to see though that 3/4 of the general public disapproved of it Was it well founded constuctive criticism or sheer bloody ignorance on their behalf.An Taisce objected to it’s height saying that it could be seen from miles around ….but is’nt that the purpose of the thing. No thanks either to the artistic genius of M.O’Nuaillain whose futile objection merely held up the project. {His concept for the scheme remember, was a revolving observation dish on top of a column…..more suitable for 50’s SC-Fi B movies and ‘The Plan Nine from Outer Space’….that of course is my artistic intepretation of his proposed failed piece).

One must be prepared too for the risk of the completed ‘Monument of Light’ being subjected to vandalism by the uneducated and unenlightened. The movie ‘2001 A Space Odessey’ springs to mind….you know the scene of when the half man/half ape nervously touches the strange alien obelisk ………could easily be a common scene on O’Connell Street next year.(‘2001 a Space Oddity’ morelike.)

Ah well I say it will all look magnificent when finished ….the least we could do is give it a chance. If not, no doubt it will meet the same fate as the Liffey timepiece.

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