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Originally posted by vinnyfitz

Irrelevant I fear. The South Dublin Council momentum to rezone City West is more or less unstoppable.

Once this happens Mansfield will proceed to complete his erection as a convention centre whether ABP likes it or not.

Thereafter, the pressure on the Government to co-fund anything else will be minimal. (Anyway Mansfield will probably be off to the EU Commission or European Court complaining about anti competitive State Aids or something if the Government incentivises or co-funds a city centre competitor)

Once rezoned it still will make little difference thankfully, every Bord Pleanala considers the appropriateness of the zoning by the Local Authority, the conference centre will not be considered by ABP at this location unless a new Government policy document is drafted. It is very much a situation of the National being considered first and the local second.

As for government funding I totally agree with you, there is no political will to deliver on this project. The RDS were awarded generous grants for this project in 1997, and it was Mary O’Rourke who stopped the process by launching another competition.

Get the Minister for Limerick to rebuild Thomond Park put a retractable roof over it and give us our conference centre.

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