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Originally posted by PVC King

Dublin because most bosses would never pay for their staff to go on a piss up, conventions are a serious business.

I never thought I’d agree with anyone called PVC King but you are right, Convention centres are a serious business that generate a huge spin-off tourist industry beyond that diectly attributable to the conventions.

Frankfurt is the best example of this with the World Famous Book Fair and Auto Show headlining the many conventions held there annually. The Citizens loved them because pub opening hours were extended by 2 hours within the tourist area Sachsenhausen which would be directly comparable to Temple Bar.

Originally posted by PVC King I like the idea of city west it is very handy coming in from where I’m from.

It might be a great location for those en route from Inchedony to Ard Fheis, but conference centres are generally for International Conventions so a City Centre location would be preferable.

I entirely agree with GregF Kevin Roches tribute to the gasometer must be the front runner, along with the National Stadium I would like to add a realistic commuter transport system to the list of things that have been dithered by Mary O’Rourke and her successors in title.

If the government allowed Mansfields City West Hotel to become the National Showcase it really would send out all the wrong signals.

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