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What posessed the developers of this project to go for Kevin Roche as architect. His work down the years has been at best patchy and his large scale work of the 80’s and 90’s has been disgustingly commercial, often lapsing into totally ridiculous po-mo pastiche. The perspective view is bad enough but the elevation is enough to make me sick. The nescessary density should be housed in elegant, extremely tall towers, designed to the highest standard, leaving the maximum public space at the riverside. Such a scheme would be a spectacular asset to the city, not a horrendous blot on the landscape as the current prospect of stumpy, lumpen slabs would certainly be. And the convention centre itself… One jazzy gimmick, ie the tilted glass drum, does not lead to a successful building. The other elevations are unspeakably dull. Something has to be done to stop this entire monstrosity from being built.

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