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Point well made and taken Enda.
O.K. it was maybe rash of me to talk about Dublin that way, but it is a young city, has much to learn, I think, and I know more mistakes will be made, this frustrates me.
I would like to say that I am looking forward to working in Dublin again after the nine months experience I had last year.
I think there is much room ín dublin for design and more tasteful projects and I want to be part of it.

But I enjoy being criticised and seeíng things from your point of view and agree with you fully Enda when you say that Ireland is pro-business and kind to investors, as a result there is a vibrant vital buzz about the city and a very enjoyable place to be,in fact one of the best in Europe, from my experience! However I also agree with you when you suggest that I should do the developing in Dublin, as I and my contemporaries, and I speak for students of architecure everywhere when I say this, are the cream of the crop when design is in question and the emerging generation of designers are a new breed on the cutting edge, and I hope Dublin will be graced with their presences often into the future, leaving far behind them the scoffing mob of philistinic cynical self declared keepers of the city far behind wallowing in their lists of listed buildings and proposed golf courses (who even cares if nick faldo is the one building the next anyway) blotting the irish landscape.
It is a question of design Enda, not economics.
I refer to property developers and so forth to establish the understanding that these groups (not all mind) were the ones responsible for the eventual manifestations of examples like “the ugliest buildings in Dublin” and resulting debates.
I look forward to being part of the development of Dublin in the future, and hope I strive hard to achieve my goals, which I know from the schooling I have been put through for the last five years, abroad also, I might as well play that card aswell, are justified and valid.

I wish to say I do not wish to offend, and hope that my comment which was accidentally opened as a new forum, will spur more debate, in the meantime I have a planet to save.
So long.

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