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01.What about Ulsterbank on Georges Quay and that po mo microcity growing up behind it?

02.That building beside citybank, to the east-jeasus brissssse solielarama (oh and citybank & everything else S.T.W have done in the last 10 years)

03.And as for the expanded semi-d style of apartements beside O’M-pikes nice tower on Charlotte Quay with the lovely pitched roofs, almost as if you were in liexlip/ashbourne/clane/naas….. only on a bigger scale. Are people who design this stuff actually taking the piss? (see also 90% other apt block in the city built in the last 10 years)

04. But who could have forgotten that lovely clock tower on the Jervis centre, d’ya know what but tis beautiful. it could have done with another dado rail below the clockface though!

05.And best of all that extension to the quays bar, on temple bar square and all it stands for! yahoo diddle di idle, dydle dum. da di dyddle dun di dee…..

06. But last and certainly not least, yes you guessed it……
—‘PHOENIX HOUSE’ at the south side of smithfield square, so good they dedicated the entire top floor to a massive plant room, so good the staff arent allowed to touch any windows in case it interferes with this beautiful feat of engineering, and sooooooo good they placed a silverish giant bald headed american eagle on the roof looking west, or is it actually a phoenix. I kid you not!!!!!!! You have to see it! if you laugh half as much as myself and my flatmate do everytime we pass it, it would be worth it.

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