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My top 3 has been for a while:
* Liberty hall (new)
* Dublin Corporation, Christchurch
* Central Bank on Dame Street
If the UN are ever to have one of their bombing campaigns here, please put these buildings on their hitlist.
After these I have to agree on that shoebox behind Screen Cinema and Harp bar. Before it’s even built I think any high-riser across from the Customs house should already be included. Anything over 7 floors in Dublin really. Just look at Rotterdam to see how things can go wrong.
Has anybody been blinded by the new architecture on the site of the old Jameson Distillery? Probably not. Blinded by reflecting sunlight from all those hideous silvery panels? Surely…. (I’ll go into build quality later if anyone’s interested).
Did anyone already mention Ballymun?

Guess this is enough for a first posting….


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