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Sorry if I’m coming in late on this, but I only found the forum today. Many of the buildings mentioned are clearly hideous, inappropriate or simply thrown up with so little thought for their form or function. It seems obvious that anyone with enough basic common sense to cross the street unaided could see how bad these buildings are.

So, how did they get built in the first place? I like the idea of referring examples of poor architecture to the Flood tribunal. Since any competant lawyer could argue that taste is subjective, mere ugliness would not suffice. Inappropriate location might be better.

That would cover the broken teeth on Harcourt Road, or what about that elegant finial that closes off the leafy vista of Eglinton Road by finishing a line of 2-story semi-detached houses with an 8-story pile of brown sh…er, brick.

Perhaps we could have a competition to guess the total paid in bribes to achieve planning permission for various buildings?

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