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Although the likes of Hawkins House and O’Connell Bridge house are unrelentingly awful, I find myself more incensed by more recently built stuff, such as the Woodchester building opposite Christchurch, or that Statoil garage on the Quays. Some of these buildings should be entered in evidence in the Flood tribunal to prove that planning in Ireland is corrupt – or at least inept.

Somebody recently built a new warehouse on my street (Bow Lane in Kilmainham) which boggles the mind with its blandness and unsuitability for the site. It consists of a four story high blank wall, which stretches for about a hundred metres, directly facing the blank wall of St Patrick’s hospital.

What is the explanation: corruption? drugs? sheer stupidity?

If anyone is familiar with the building I’ve desribed, I’d love to hear other peoples opinions on it.

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