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Rory W

I agree with John & MG about the treatment of the railings, but from what I have seen the entire scheme looks wrong.

1) The railings do not match the existing railings between the commercial buildings and the back of Blooms Hotel.

2) The shape of the overall rails in plan is non-symmetrical with that little kink taken out for the golden tree (money tree) or whatever its called.

3) The stone is too polished and is a contrast with the existing materials.

4) What the hell are they doing with those little cone things aroung the trees?

5) That block shaped thing for the fire escape from the car-park (Sam Stephenson had said that the fire-officer had said it was ok to get rid of this escape – so why is it still there?), It looks like they are going to have pagan sacrifices on it (and there probably will be some on Junior Cert results night!).

All in all it does nothing for the building and its environs, if anything it takes away from the composition as a whole.

Just my thoughts.

Rory W

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