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Paul Clerkin

Actually the main problem with Busaras is the general attitude of CIE to the building. Originally all the materials were selected for their long lasting low maintainance finishes [1]. CIE unbfortunetly interpreted that as “no maintainance finishes” and neglected the building for 40 years. In the 1990s they have ruined the concourse by removing original fittings and “adorning” the interior with garish signage and telephone boothes bolted to the mosaic clad columns.

When looking at Busaras, you have to mentally strip away all the damage and unfortunate additions and see the building as it was in 1952 – an integrated work of design from signage to furniture to structure. You should also remember that the design work was carried out immediately after the “Emergency” [2] when Europe was rebuilding and Ireland was finacially challenged. The building also experienced long delays when no work was carried out due to political machinations, otherwise it would have been finished by 1950 and would have been seen as a building of the 1940s. Total cost by 1952 were over one million pounds – so whats that now in our money?

[2] What Ireland called WWII

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