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I think that state architects are still doing a reasonable job. As far as I know, the only state-run architecture agency is the Office of Public Works and a lot of their work is of a good standard.

However, in this country, a lot of people (often the wealthy, who “should” be leaders) do not believe that paying a fair tax to the State is necessary. Public works are magiced out of thin air, you know!

Anyway, back in the 30s and 40s, the cute, cheap-assed hoors had not yet taken control of this country, and we have the buildings to show for this.

In England, every county council has an architect’s department. In this country, we consider this a luxury, a waste of good money which would be better off spent on the holiday in the Cayman Islands.

The bottom line? Good architecture costs money and good public architecture needs a culture where most people are willing to pay a fair tax. We have not yet reached that level of maturity in this emerald isle of ours!

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