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BTH posted 03-13-99 05:04 PM GMT – In response to that message I wholeheartedly disagree with the author about “that awful Ulster Bank building” – I believe it is nothing of the sort.

In my opinion it is a visually pleasing and fresh design that, while not overly original [what modern is in Dublin?], at least befits the riverside site in an attractive and inoffensive way.

I suggest you turn your attention to the simply disgraceful trash currently been thrown-up around the St. Patricks Cathedral district. You only have to look at the similar apt. ‘blocks’ elsewhere from the early 90’s to realise that most of these new buildings wont survive the first quarter of the next century without major renovation or better still, demolition.

As regards the Cosgrave/SOM development, I am still enammered of the design yet have misgivings about its proposed location, which seems to be the appealants [is that a word?!] main bone of contention as well.

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