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Mrs. M. J. Lister

Why all to cr iticism of the construction company ?, I ask this genuinely. as I have only seen the pictures posted.
>>>>>>Ergo, I ask where does technology fit into this farce?
Why `dis the construction and technology??
From what I can see its the design that is at fault, if anything.
This isn’t only aimed at the designers but the people who assess what is needed, those who set the brief (corpo..).
The bridge looks like a copy of the Ha`Penny.
Why, Why, Why?
Surely the Ha`penny bridge was built to get people passed a barrier (the liffey).
Now we have two even bigger barriers the congested quays that not even mentioning the health impacts of having people standing waiting at arms distance from a major traffic artery.
Maybe the bridge should have spanned the roads too….
Surely we have come along way in design terms, then to be designing things not by assessing the problems that we face now and in the future, but blindly imitating an old solution to a totally different problem.

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