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James McQuillan

It certainly does!

The Temple bar redevelopment in perhaps unique in these islands as an urban experiment due to the unique instance of having one ownership in CIE, and due to the innovative legislation to get it off the ground. Some schools of architecture in England have visited because of these factors, and there is a lot of interest in its progress.

Could I launch a plea for information on TB? It would be wonderful to have a bibliography of relevant and supporting documentation for TB, as it would be an essential tool in focussing interest abroad on this most successful of Dublin’s urban ventures.

Let’s face it, there haven’t been many down the years, so we should celebrate it. I am aaware that things may not be perfect, but even so, I repeat that it has been a unique experiment and therefore people want to know about it.

Surely one of the practices involved in TB from the beginning, or the holding company, has a shelf-full of all the texts and cuttings – so let’s see what can be done!

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