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There was no forum or net 7 years ago. Im not a bigot & I doubt many on this page are. I for one, do not dispute the fact for one moment that dodgy high rise hotels, apts etc. Should not be built. Yes these local residential groups have rallied together admirably. To what end ?. Dublin is a supposed municipal city. One decision should involve all, affect all. Yes I have dealt with groups of inner city people in the past & as idealistic as JK seems to be (he has the laurels to prove it, AAI or IFA, whoever he is affiliated with seems to think he’s hot stuff), the sometimes can be extremely resistant to change. The insular nature of these communities is due to a deep distrust of power and its abuse, and only through change can this cycle be broken. JK has a vast knowledge of inner city history. I dont, but in the spirit of all true Dubs (which Im not), I will debate loudly & in a beligerent and agressive manner about something into which I have little insight and absolutely no concrete facts. I’ll wander of the point of the initial debate and insult people & presume my insight is greater than theirs.

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