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The problem with any kind of civic development in Dublin does not lie with the architects or with the planners. It is the mentality of Dublin as a city. If a local residential group does not want development in their existing community, then nothing will happen. Its like a cancerous tumour being left on the body because it doesnt want to go. I am not calling impoverished people a cancer, I am merely stating that decisions should be made for made for the sake of the whole city. That is 100 percent pro-democracy. A local residential group should not have the power to undermine the potential amenity of a whole city. If we want Smithfield to be increased or the Calatrava bridges to be built, then it is time that decisions are made by intelligent educated people, to benefit the whole city and not by whinging Councillers with their own perverse agendas.Dublin is dying on its feet because of mob rule.

P.S. Should a forum be set up for the demonisation of Mary MacAlese. When I saw the elevation of her ‘statly residence’ I was ill. Rory Quinn, do something for the love of god. Were an international discrace.

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