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Have you ever payed it much attention? Smithfield I remember was once just a car park before with a few trees and uneven cobble stones… nothing special! Dotted here and there were ramshackle fruit markets and it once starred in a film with Richard Burton as the Berlin Wall in ‘The Spy who came in from the Cold’ It held a horse fayre every Sunday of every month that had every ‘rag taggle gypsio’ character type selling any auld well past it mistreated nag. The ISPCA had many instances of grossly mistreated horses and evidence of unjustifid cruelty. Had you visited you would have noticed and felt the sinister atmosphere of shady deals. OK for the Middle Ages but not 2000 AD. It is currently unfinished, work is in progress,but however when complete it will be as popular as Temple Bar and no one will once think of ‘it’s poor design’ or bleak feel. Too drunk probably!

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